Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dances from my Adv. Studio Presentation

Scott Hislop

Ryan Heffington

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Here is an example of my sample grant proposal -

1. Introduce us to yourself. Include a short artist statement and information about your professional history, artistic training, exhibition or performance history, related professional experience and accomplishments as a professional artist.
2. Clearly explain your proposal for which NAC support is requested, explaining its purpose and goals, where and when it will take place, who will be involved, how it will be accomplished, for whom it is designed and how NAC funds would be used
Grant Proposal For Nevada Arts Council:

My name is Kenna Lincoln and I am a senior at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village NV. I was exposed to my first dance class when I was thirteen years old, and from that day I was hooked. I began taking as many classes as I possibly could, in every style that was available to me, totaling three to eight hours of dance every day of the week. My training background includes Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern, African, West Coast Swing, Adagio, and Funk. When I was sixteen I began dancing professionally with three Nevada based performance companies including KB Productions, Entertainment Plus, and LRP Productions. This gave me the opportunity to travel and begin teaching. Shortly after that at seventeen years old I went to New York City to perform in the Off Broadway production called “Beginnings”. In that same year I was crowned Miss Lake Tahoe and also performed in the Miss California State Pageant. It was then that I fell in love with choreography and teaching; I have now been teaching performing arts consistently for the past seven years.
I approach my choreography organically, which allows the beats and sounds to move through me in a meditative way, opening the doors for my inspiration. The piecing of music and movement is an experience that has helped define my existence. The fascination of how moving made me feel, grew from just an allure into a realization of how intense the combining of my movement with music effects who I am. I fuse foundational experience of technique with experimentation. This allows my work to grow into an innovative, modern, and free experience. I pull from all my influences of different styles and ethnicities, and push my choreography to become its own entity. Dancing is my entry into a new world, a world of endless possibilities.
I propose as the artistic chorographer for the Sierra Nevada College Dance team, to request funding in order for me to participate in the 2009 West Coast Dance Explosion choreography segment. This would enable me to take classes specifically designed for teachers to enhance not only my own skills as a performer but as a teacher, which would benefit every one of the participants on the Sierra Nevada College Dance Team. My goal is to incorporate the ever-changing fresh and new choreography styles into the work with my students. It will take place July 4-10 2009 in Las Vegas NV. The funds From NAC would be used to cover my travel expenses and choreography class coverage for West Coast Dance Explosion.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Really? Not again...

What frustrates me most are the times when I don't know whether to scream or to cry. Getting news that I don't want to hear or even acknowledge seems to throw me for a loop just when I start to believe everything is good. I thought I finally had everything figured out, I thought the next step in my life plan was finally being put into progress. I was so happy...
I noticed it about a month and a half ago, but ignored it like I have before. It was just a few weeks ago, and all it took was one move that I have done millions of times to throw my life in a whole different direction. Now, walking upstairs doesn't feel right, and moving in any (in my opinion) creative way, causes me pain that lasts through the day and night. Waking up in the morning it is difficult to get out of bed, and sitting in class makes it hurt all over again. So Frustrating!!! I thought I was finally better, and now all over again, I seem to have injured my hip to the point of possibly having to take the time out of my life to get surgery once again. I think more than anything, the whole idea of being injured again scares me, and I have been denying it for the past month. My art form doesn't work with bad hips, so, I guess, its off to trying plan B....